About us

Hi, my name is Sarah Bruce and I’m the proud owner and operator of Drive Skills 4 Life.

I’ve had a number of careers, but the last few years are the most important to tell you about, because it’s the reason I’m doing what I do now. I joined Vic Roads in March 2012 where I was employed as a licence tester. To be honest, the thought of being a licence tester scared me senseless. But I went along and gave it a go, not expecting much. It was after I completed my training and started doing the job that I realised how fantastic it was! Having had a variety of roles in different industries, such as a Bank Manager for almost a decade and an Education Support Officer, surprisingly being a licence tester was the most fulfilling.

Why? Because it was during this time that I got to witness people from all walks of life and ages achieve their goal of gaining their independence. The flipside was that I also experienced frustration at how so many people just knew how to drive the test routes but were not really equipped to deal with problems should they arise. So after all my training, my own driver training business was born in February, 2014 – Drive Skills 4 Life!

Drive Skills 4 life

Since the inception of my business, my focus has been on my students gaining the skills to drive safely for life, not just to pass their test.  All too often young people are taught by their parents, which can be helpful to a degree, but can also teach bad habits.  As we get older, many of us have forgotten or let the basics of driving slip by, such as how to use your mirrors and being mindful of gaps, just to name a couple. So it’s really important to have an instructor who is keenly aware of all the basics and the best habits.  With my lessons, it’s all about repetition, repetition, repetition.  The last thing you want is to learn something quickly, then forget what you were taught by the next week. Parents are also encouraged to attend as often as possible.

My lessons are offered in a nurturing, supportive and most importantly, calm environment. I understand there are many people who are fearful, or suffer from anxiety, or are nervous learners who just need to take baby steps.  If that is you, you have definitely come to the right place!  Patience and compassion is what you get.  At Drive Skills 4 Life, the word ‘sorry’ is not allowed in my car. You have to make mistakes to learn.

How often have you been shown the ‘how’ of something, but not understood the ‘why’? I know I definitely have and it’s not conducive to lifelong learning.  The most important advice I give to my students is, ‘it’s not a race’, and ‘patience is definitely a virtue’.

So, what’s stopping you from gaining your independence? Do you want to catch public transport or rely on others for the rest of your life, or do you want to be able to have choices and freedom and flexibility? See what my past and some current clients say? Go on…take that first step!

Other bits about me…

Mum to two gorgeous young ladies

Wife/carer/domestic engineer of all things around the home

Follower of the might Saints and a lover of books and great company!

Certificate of Education Support, Certificate IV Business Admin, Diploma of Management, Cert IV Transport and Logistics, (driving instructor, manual and auto), Cert IV Training and Assessment, Cert of Mental Health First Aid.