Blue P Program

Do you have a fear of getting in the car with your child?

Don’t be embarrassed, it’s a very real fear that deserves to be respected!  At Drive Skills 4 Life we’re all about helping our clients overcome the fear of driving, as well as the fear of teaching their loved ones to drive.

We offer a revolutionary new program, exclusive to Drive Skills 4 Life called the Blue P Program, where we will re-educate you and empower you, to teach your loved ones to drive.  We will be there for you every step of the way with lessons to support both the learner AND you, the supervising driver, but you will have me, your driver trainer on tap to answer questions, as they arise. during the stage, seven days per week.

Ensure you’re safe, so your next generation can be too!  Make contact today to find out more.

  • safety for you and your children is our highest priority
  • designed with parents and grandparents in mind
  • re-educates you to current road rules and gives you confidence to teach your children to drive
  • we work with you to help overcome any fear of driving
  • offer on-going support for you and your children throughout the whole experience

The Blue P Program – Copyright 2017. (Sarah Bruce, Drive Skills 4 Life)

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