Blue P Program

What is the Blue P Program?

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All of the below stages have been developed and well thought out, to ensure continuity of learning.  A bit unsure if we’ll be a good fit?  Make contact and I’m happy to make myself available to come out and meet you before making this commitment.  There’s nothing worse than booking and paying for packages and you discover it’s not what you thought. Payments via instalments is also welcome!

Stage 1, Start your Engine – $549 

Stage 1 starts with assessing parents/grandparents.  We take you out on a casual drive to assess where your skills are at.  Don’t panic! We’re not going to be negative or cast aspersions on you.  It’s simply a valuable tool to help you regain those good skills to ensure the bad habits don’t get passed on.

The second session involves your child where we will begin with the absolute basics such as learning about the cars cockpit and how everything works.  This will include basic car control such as pedalling and steering.  Parents are also included in this session, if they wish.

The following six sessions will then be done with your trainer to get them ready for hand over to you until the next stage is required.  You will also be given a checklist to assist you both.  So, a brief outline below is:

  • Includes eight sessions, of which first is with parent/s.
  • Seven sessions with student to help build their confidence
  • Detailed booklet with hints, tips and a checklist
  • 7 days per week contact with your trainer during the stage
  • A complete program re-educating parents to support their children
  • Upskilling your drive skills, similar to professional development in the workplace to ensure your child gets the good habits, not the bad
  • The first program of its type in Australia

Stage 2, Time to Accelerate – $259 

At this stage you may touch base with us for four more sessions at say, 30-50 hours to ensure all necessary steps are at the competent stage.  This will include covering night time driving, all weather driving (weather permitting), lane changes and freeway driving, merging as well as parking, 3 point turns.   A brief overview is:

  • Includes four sessions
  • Log book at about 30-40 hours
  • Detailed booklet with hints, tips and checklist
  • Will look at low speed manoeuvres if ability dictates
  • One or two night sessions – depending on ability to date
  • Strengthening of everything done through stage one
  • 7 days per week contact with your trainer during the stage

Stage 3, Time to Take Charge – $550

This stage is where the learner will prepare for their solo driving future.  You will be there to ensure they’re doing just about all the decision making and driving without your interference.  Just be there to guide and ensure they’re staying on the correct track.  This will incorporate two sessions at about 70-90 hours (one of these being at night) with a City Drive included (based on 3-4 hour drive).  A city drive takes in tollways, freeways, hook turns, trams and general city driving.   Brief overview below is:

  • Two sessions, at least one being in the evening
  • Log book at about 70-90 hours
  • Detailed booklet with hints, tips and checklist
  • Will look at low speed manoeuvres if not looked at during stage 2
  • City adventure to experience city driving with all that it offers
  • 7 days per week contact with your trainer during the stage
  • Learn how to do an emergency stop.

Stage 4, The Final Countdown! – $649

These last few hours we will hone in on what still needs work, including parking in all conditions.  This will also include a country drive incorporating roads with reduced visibility, no street lights, for example, if this aspect hasn’t been covered by families.  We want every aspect of your driving future to be covered to ensure your future leaves you confident – not cocky! Brief overview is:

  • Must have attained at least 110 hours in log book for this stage.
  • Four single sessions
  • A double session on country roads (if required)
  • Detailed booklet with hints, tips and checklist
  • Fine tuning what is still lacking
  • 90 minute session directly before the drive test
  • Use of my vehicle and total support during the drive test
  • 7 days per week contact with your trainer during the stage

All steps can be purchased individually (via instalments if required).

The Blue P Program was created by Sarah Bruce and Drive Skills 4 Life TM (c) 2017. This program remains in its entirety to Sarah Bruce and Drive Skills 4 Life and cannot be reproduced or copied without prior consent.

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