Drive Skills 4 Life - Anxiety, Road Trauma & NDIS Support

Now that we’ve been back on the road fully since 28th October, appointment slots and drive test appointments are filling up fast!

I kindly ask for patience if you can’t get an appointment as quickly as you’d like.  At present, it’s out to about three weeks in advance.  So please, plan ahead.

I’m also asking those who do have appointments, to be aware that existing clients who have been with me for quite some time, will get precedence for their drive test bookings, should they come up sooner than three weeks. In this instance, I will be changing some appointment times around to accommodate them.

I am also working six days a week until drive test appointments are all caught up, so I kindly ask to plan your diary, particularly if you get a shift at work, I can’t change your appointment at such late notice. 

Due to the large demand, I will also not be selling vouchers this season.  Apologies if this was your plan. 

Well done everyone on doing the right thing, and fingers crossed Christmas will hopefully look as normal as possible.   


Welcome to Drive Skills 4 Life where we’re not just another driving school! We not only teach the next generation to drive, but we encourage family inclusion with our revolutionary new program The Driver Refresher Program to bring skills we gained many years ago into today’s driving climate.

Other important specialised services that we offer are:

  • clients with an intellectual disability (spinner knob support available)
  • NDIS with funding for self and plan managed
  • seniors support
  • employee assessments
  • TAC and Workcover assistance for road trauma victims
  • support for clients suffering from anxiety and mental health conditions
  • access to a qualified Occupational Therapist driver assesser



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  • lack confidence behind the wheel due to a previous accident?
  • suffer from anxiety?
  • want to re-skill to help your teenager become a better driver?
  • want a driver learner program to help you navigate all types of conditions?
  • want to feel safer on our roads?
  • have staff that need driver assessments for their job?

What our Clients are saying about us

  • Leia
    Sarah’s level of professionalism and knowledge of our road rules and responsibilities is super affordable and invaluable to any and all learner drivers who are about to take the wheel of independence with Drive Skills 4 Life! I really enjoyed her method of teaching: she would always approach any hiccups with friendship and never judge your driving style, in fact she encourages it! Drive Skills 4 Life is worth your time! Sarah is flexible, so if you’re a mum – she’s got a safety car seat for your babe, if you’re a student – she’s available as the home bell rings! Give Drive Skills 4 Life a go!
  • Jessica
    Definitely recommend going through drive skills for life when learning to drive. I have had my probationary drivers license for 3 weeks now after doing multiple hours with Sarah and I have never felt so confident when driving on the roads. She taught me many different things that not many other people had heard of when I told them, she has a great knowledge with what she is doing and very easy going! Thanks for teaching me and giving me skills I can use for the rest of my driving years!
  • Alice
    Drive Skills 4 Life is a highly professional and well run drive school. I can't recommend Sarah highly enough! Her kindness and good humour helped me overcome my anxiety in regards to driving on public roads. Driving has changed from something I was scared of and would avoid to something I actively pursue as a hobby as I venture into the world of Motorsport. Thank you Sarah, you gave me my freedom, without you by my side I would have been too anxious to pass my driving test last year!  
  • Tahlia
    I highly recommend Drive Skills 4 Life! I cannot thank Sarah enough for making my learning experience as enjoyable as it was. Sarah is very patient, encouraging and makes you feel very comfortable. Before my lessons with Sarah I lacked the confidence and knowledge needed to pass my drivers test. After a few lessons my confidence had increased and I had the knowledge and skills to easily pass my drivers test.

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