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Meet The Team

Daniel – auto instructor

We asked Daniel, our newest auto trainer a few questions so you could get to know him.

Why did you decide to become a driver trainer?
My partner has always had problems at railway crossings due to panic attacks and PTSD, as she has been hit from behind on three separate occasions – but this escalated after her daughter was involved in a tragic car accident and I was helping/coaching her in the car. I sent my partner to a drive instructor, who was a family friend, and I realised that I was coaching her without the pedals. I then felt this was something that I could do.

What’s your favourite thing about helping people become independent on the road?
The improvements and the learning process. I like to help my learner drivers achieve their goal and to be a part of the process. I find it really rewarding when my long-term students get their licence; one example is that earlier this year I had a 41-year-old woman who finally got her licence after a lot of drama’s with other instructors, so that was nice.

What did you do prior to being a driver trainer?
High school teacher and I also went back to university and completed an honours in psychology at RMIT. I have expertise in insomnia, anxiety and mood disorders. I am also currently writing a book on insomnia, which I hope to finish later this year.

What footy team do you follow?
Brisbane Lions

Tell us something about yourself that no one else would ever guess?
Hmmm…I have a bit of an obsession with BASE jumping, but I would never ever do it!

What do you like to do for fun?
Lots of things…Writing, listening to chill-out tunes, travelling, learning, watching TV series on Netflix and going for big drives with my favourite tunes playing in the background.

Colin – manual instructor

As some of you know, Colin has been with us as our manual instructor since late 2018 and we thought it was time we got to know him better.

Why did you become a driver trainer?
When I was 17 I really enjoyed learning to drive and finally passing my driving test when I was 18 and now I enjoy teaching and helping others to drive safely and eventually passing their licence driving test.

What did you do before you became a driver trainer?
I spent 25 years working in the printing industry.

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?
When I’m not driving over winter I like going to the AFL footy watching the Saints and going out for dinner either seafood, thai or a nice steak from a pub and during Summer I like going water skiing and going to the beach.

What’s something people won’t know about you?
With suffering from asthma for most of my life, one thing no one would ever guess, was back in 2016 I hiked 5 kilometres up and back into a live volcano in Bali .