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Specialised Programs

Accident Confidence Program

Have you or a loved one had a car accident that has prevented you from getting back in the driver’s seat?

I personally know that feeling. I was involved in a serious accident approximately 28 years ago and whilst I was lucky to come out with just a fractured sternum and a couple of weeks off work, the thought of going through an intersection again, scared the heck out of me! It was only with the love and support of others that I was able to move through that time in my life.  But sadly, some people’s fear is so real, the thought of even a loved one supporting them, just isn’t enough. So, that’s where I step in. I help get you back on track and comfortable in the driver’s seat again.

So, if you would love to be back behind the wheel, take that first step and give me a call for a confidential chat.

Anxiety Assistance Program

You’re sitting in the driver’s seat, your palms are getting sweaty, your heart rate is increasing, you go to turn the ignition on, but you just can’t do it!

The thought of having to share the road with others, particularly when road rage is so rife, is inconceivable. It’s just easier to catch the bus.

If this sounds familiar. Don’t let this fear rule your life. We will work out a program to help you move past this and help you regain that independence. I’m sure relying on loved ones and public transport doesn’t fill you with joy. Go on, take that first step. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Employee Assessments

Do you have employees whose job involves escorting clients around from A to B? Do you worry if their driving abilities are up to scratch?

Having a driver’s license is one thing but knowing your employees are competent and safe drivers is another.

Your employees may be involved in nannying services, where school pick-ups and excursions are common.  Or they may be escorting elderly people to and from doctor’s appointments or the shops. To ease your – and your prospects’ mind, you should have absolute faith in your staff’s driving abilities.

Time, change in road laws, changes in health conditions, change of location and age can all have an impact on a person’s driving competency. Don’t let your staff or your client’s precious cargo become a statistic. I offer assessments of your staff for on road skills, to help them be their best!

Specialised Programs

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