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Driver Refresher Program

What is the Driver Refresher Program?

A program to help you support your loved ones whilst they learn to drive!

Scared to teach your kids or loved ones how to drive? Worried you’ll pass on bad habits? Nervous you’ll lose your cool? You’re not alone.  Parents and guardians ring me daily asking for help with teaching their children to drive.

Let’s face it, by the time we have kids who are ready to learn to drive, most of us have been driving for decades, and things have changed since then.  Traffic rules have altered, road conditions have changed, congestion has increased and no doubt the odd bad driving habit has crept in.   So how do you ensure you’re giving your young person the best start to their driving career possible?  You take a driver refresher course.

The Driver Refresher Program was created especially for parents and guardians.  After all, you’ll be teaching your child for the majority of hours required to gain their license.  Certainly it’s important to also hire a professional driver trainer at some point in the process, but it’s paramount that parents have current skills to safely undertake the majority of the driver training.

Most of us invest thousands of dollars in education, sports training, dance training, music training, to improve the lives of our children and equip them with vital skills.  So too, we should invest in driving training, given that it is a skill we perform for 60+ years and that it is in conditions that are potentially hazardous.

How does the Driver Refresher Program work?

Driving involves a lifetime of learning, but unfortunately most of us have a few lessons, pass our test and that’s it! We never think we have to learn anymore.  However, to be confident enough in your abilities to teach your child how to drive, you may need a refresher course.

The driver refresher program consists of:

  1. A practical session out on the road with a driver trainer who will observe your current level of driving skill. The aim is to improve any bad habits that may have snuck in since getting your license. (90 minutes)
  2. A second session to show you how to start teaching your learner. (60 minutes)
  3. A comprehensive booklet that takes you and your new driver step-by-step through all they need to know to learn to drive safely.

What’s the point of a Driver Refresher Program?

Teaching a loved one to drive is not something you do every day.  It’s also probably not something you’ve ever been taught how to do.  So whilst most of us who have been driving a while do so almost on auto-pilot, it’s important to remember that this is a new and very exciting (possibly intimidating) skill for your child.

Our driver refresher program is like a train the trainer program.  It will help you become a more confident driver and remind you of the nuances required to correctly obtain a license.  Re-learning safe driving principles reduces the risk to yourself and other road users, and you’ll be able to pass these principles on to your learner driver.  The Driver Refresher Program is an easy but hugely valuable way to update your own driving skills and have the confidence to safely and calmly teach your own child to drive.

Who is the Driver Refresher Program for?

This program is specifically designed for parents, guardians, or anyone who wishes to have the confidence and knowledge to teach their children how to drive safely.  It is for those people who perhaps have not driven for a long time, who are nervous due to previous road trauma, or who originally got their license in another country and need to familiarise themselves with Melbourne’s road rules and conditions. 

What happens once I complete the Driver Refresher Program?

Once you’ve completed the program you can either start training your child yourself or you can lock in a package with one of our team to get them started then use your newly refreshed skills to continue their training.

Teaching our next generation to drive doesn’t need to be a lonely process.  Drive Skills 4 Life is there to support you on this journey every step of the way!

The Driver Refresher Program is $199.

The Driver Refresher Program was created by Sarah Bruce and Drive Skills 4 Life TM (c) 2017. This program remains in its entirety to Sarah Bruce and Drive Skills 4 Life and cannot be reproduced or copied without prior consent.

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