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Unfortunately, due to the high cost of owning and running a vehicle, I no longer offer manual lessons.  But I can recommend an amazing manual trainer by the name of Trevor O’Connor. His phone number is 0401616092.

No, we appreciate sometimes that you feel comfortable using your own vehicle, but it is important that we use our vehicles due to insurance policy requirements and Work cover reasons.

Yes – absolutely! Packages mentioned under the how much section are a guideline. Customised packages are always available upon request.

The LGS log book is issued to all learner drivers between 16 and 20 years of age. The learner driver is required to record the number of hours of driving, types of driving, and roads and conditions. Learner drivers must have a minimum of 20 hours of night driving, if the learner permit has been issued after 1st November, 2017, or 10 hours if issued prior that date. If you are struggling with filling it out, feel free to make contact and we’ll be happy to assist.

Unfortunately, no.  Due to the high demand for lessons, there is usually a 2-4 four week wait.  But sometimes cancellations do happen and I may be able to fit you in earlier.

No, we are always happy to meet you where is convenient to you.  This may be home, your work or even school.  Please bear in mind, the location must not be more than approximately 15 minutes from your home address – to ensure lesson time is not taken up with communicating backwards and forwards.

There are no minimum requirements, but as we know, everyone has a different learning ability.  Where some will require only a few, others will need additional support.  I always believe it is important to have at least one lesson.  Our trainers will always be upfront and advise if further training is required.

Being based in Frankston, generally we will cover from Chelsea, down to Mornington and across to Dingley.  I also cover tests at offices including Frankston and Dromana

This is an individual choice that only you can make.  Many students say I want to learn manual as it will ensure I can drive anything down the track.  This is very true.  But, you must bear in mind what sort of cars your parents and family members drive.  If they have only automatic cars at home, manual lessons could be rather costly, reducing the amount of independent practice time you will get.  Have a chat with your trainer for more guidance and support.

Approximately 25-40 minutes, depending on the traffic.  It is broken down into two stages.  Stage one covers back street driving looking for general car control, use of indicators and observations.  This will also include your low speed manoeuvre such as 3 point turn or reverse parallel park.  At the conclusion of stage 1, you will be asked to pull over to the kerb, make the car safe whilst the tester adds up the scores from stage 1.  Then stage two will commence which includes busier roads with traffic lights and lane changes in busier road conditions.

Don’t worry.  I’m there to ensure you are ready.  I will definitely tell you if I believe you’re not ready. But I will also ensure you are ready to drive safely for life – not just to pass your test.

No we don’t, but we do suggest you make contact with Driver Dynamics at www.driverdynamics.com who are based at Sandown Race Course to arrange it.  They are exceptionally qualified and will look after you.  Tell them Drive Skills 4 Life sent you.

No – we can’t.  There are so many factors to take into consideration such as weather and your mood on the day.  What we will ensure – is that you are road ready.  At Drive Skills 4 Life, we’re not about getting you test ready – we want you road ready!

Vic Roads requirements are constantly being updated in relation to what is required.  Please click on the below link for the correct information.


Vic Roads have recently (March 2020) updated the Hazard Perception Test which has finally bought the graphics up to a watchable standard.  They have also put some of the practice video’s online so feel free to click on the link to have a practice. Also to let you know, the hazard perception test can now be done from the comfort of your own home.