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Anxiety Assistance Program - designed with you in mind

  • Do you have a fear of driving?
  • Is your anxiety stopping you from learning to drive or driving?
  • Do you have panic attacks when you think of getting behind the wheel of a car?
  • Would you like some assistance from a qualified instructor to help overcome these fears and anxiety who understands exactly how this is affecting you and can help you?
  • Do you just need some extra confidence to get behind the wheel of a car?

Is this you?

You’re sitting in the driver’s seat, your palms are getting sweaty, your heart rate is increasing, you go to turn the ignition on, but you just can’t do it!

The thought of having to share the road with others, particularly when road rage is so rife, is inconceivable. It’s just easier to catch the bus.

If this sounds familiar. Don’t let this fear rule your life. We will work out a program to help you move past this and help you regain that independence. I’m sure relying on loved ones and public transport doesn’t fill you with joy. Go on, take that first step. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Want some more information about our anxiety assistance program or have a confidential conversation about your situation to see how we can help you?


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